Creative explosions

I was informed there wasn’t enough bloggers in austin for people to read. Well, if I really do have a lot of people reading this then I will be that person. What’s been going on with me? I graduated yay! No more school so that means free time. Too much free time I have been feeling a bit uncreative.  With trying to make music, play music, draw, everything. I need an creative explosion in my brain and heart.
So what now you ask? I really think I need to write again. I haven’t been able to write anymore because of the non-creativeness. Is that a word? I just made it up if it isn’t. I guess it’s starting. So let’s talk about something that’s coming up very soon. SXSW! Who’s excited? I’m a little excited mainly because I love new people, bands and the environment of people coming together to enjoy their passion. I’m not so excited for the traffic and long ass wait for the bus because everyone and their mama want to be on the bus. Now, don’t get me wrong I love SXSW in 2005. Why? I was 15 years old volunteering for SXSW. Now when I volunteered I couldn’t get a badge it was just a wristband.  What you could do with that wristband back then was a lot more than you can do now. Also, everything just seems easier when your 15. SXSW has officially lost its groove when it came to having bands/artists that everyone could get in to see. Austin becomes another city when SXSW gets here. A bunch of people run a muck in the city calling us weird when the weird has left with Leslie.
I wish SXSW would cut people a deal who have been living here since birth. Now I mean born either at Braken bridge or St. Davis. I propose you give us half off a badge or half off for the wristband or by a badge get another half off. Something to keep us Austinites happy again about SXSW.   Even maybe just an event for austinites. These are just my opinions of this whole festival. What I say about SXSW is clearly off the record. Show us you still care about us. I feel no love from the city lately. Sxsw is corporate now, and I’m very scared and nervous to see the outcome of it all in 5 years.
In the mean time I will still be here listening to underground punk that’s been there for years. I love that scene and really hope to just see more of that scene during SXSW.  I would love to see a artist that is well known or a band that is catchy. But my senses are done with commercial things at the moment I want to give back to the community. Give back the music that matters. Let’s do this people. Keep playing music and love ALOT!